What classes do we do?



Pilates Matwork-

A Gental class for those who are new to training or just apriciate a soft approach to training. We base all our movemnet on Joseph Pilates Philosyphy about how to controll our body from posture and core.


A class where we build and enhance our further knowlege about the body using Joseph Pilates method. Working from standing and balance posing to strenght training on floor.

Freestyle Yoga

Yoga class with high energy (from yoga Vinyasa) this is a Yoga class without the religous side and minus the OOOming! A great class for a enrgy buzz..and for strenght and flexibily.



Simply what it says on the tin…A mix of Pilates strenght and controll and flexibilty from Yoga

Cheesy Spin

Fun and cheerfull music class using indoor bikes to build up cardio training!


Studio Timtable September 2015


Starting date 7th September

Monday Pilates Mattwork class @ 9.30Am Little Studio

Monday Pilates class @11pm Parkwood Health club (for club members only)

Monday Yoga-Lates class @1.10Pm-1.50Pm (lunch time) Little studio


Starting Date 8th September

Tuesday @10am Yoga


Starting date 9Th September

Wednesday Pilates Matwork @9.30am Little Studio

Wednesday Pilates class @10.30am Little Studio

Wednesday Yoga @12pm Little Studio


Starting Date 10th September

Thursday Pilates class @11.00 Parkwood Health Club (memebrs only)



Starting date 11Th September

Friday Pilates Mattwork class @9.30am Little Studio (45min)

Friday Yoga-Lates class @10.30am Little Studio

Friday Yoga @1Pm Little Studio


Petra’s Cheesy Spin Classes 

Starting date 10th August (after a break from 27th july-10th aug)

Monday Spin class @7.30pm Parkwood Health Club (open to all)

Wednesday Spin Class @7.30 Parkwood Health Club (open to all)


Yoga Monthly master Classes

August the 16th @10am Parkwood Health club Studio  2 (open to All)

September the 13Th September 10am @Parkwood Health club Studio 2(open  to all)



For any Pilates and Yoga-Lates at My little Studio you can pay as you go £7 or pay a set of 4 sessions for £24 (£6 a session)

Yoga you will be asked to pay for a courses of weeks at £7 (£35)

Spin classes are at a pay as you go bases £5 (if you would like to guarantee your bike you can pay up front)

If you attend 3 or more classes  weekly you get a class discount at £5 per class


If you have booked a class/course please notify me with plenty of time if you can  not attend, that way we can make our waiting list slightly shorter.


You can pre book  and pre pay either with cash or cheque or just bring cash on day.


To book any classes ring or text me on 07787-562296

or Email me on