Swedish Fitness specializes in exclusive, private Home training and Swedish -Massage. We are equipped with the skills to turn any existing space into your own private health club or Spa. The advantage to in-home fitness is simple; the Health Club comes to you meaning that you are in the privacy and comfort of your own house.   On a cold dark morning you can open the door to us and we do the rest to transform your home into your own private Health Spa.  You can decide the playlist and there is no queue for the shower. We also make workshop days with schools in co work with Rowena Kitchen (make up artist for the stars) we create a lovely day with cheerful-Beauty…a combination of cheer leading and Beauty tip for teens across the country.

I can also provide with tailor-made private classes if you would prefer to work in a group. For the classes I use my Private Studio located in the heart of Salisbury.

Training with Swedish Fitness:

If you do the same exercises over and over again your body will become more efficient at that task, but you will soon see that any improvement plateaus and the exercises lose their overall impact. Swedish Fitness regards variety as the spice of life and it therefore provides different and exciting training methods. Swedish Fitness aims to make training enjoyable and not a chore. This is the key to obtaining the best results and you never know, it may change your life.



Coming soon…I am in the process of starting web training, for all those people that are in need of help training, but perhaps have no time to come and see me. Also this is a support for all my existing clients who need  a boost in between sessions or whilst on holiday. So check out this space.

I am also going to add freestyle yoga in my timetable for all those people who have asked me to start teaching this…look out for new classes on the timetable….

I am continuing to write a book…yes you read that is a book about “how to make your own house to a gym”..It will give you lots of ideas to what to do and how to to do it…(and of course it will be funny too!!!)

I look forward to working more with the lovely Rowena Kitchen and our “cheerful-Beauty” ..where we work with schools in running workshop days filled with Cheerful Beauty! Cheerleading-dance fun and Beauty tips from Rowena (make up artist for the stars).


Or Email me on :

phone: 07787562296