“I have been training with Petra for a very long time  She not only has helped me get back into my jeans at least 4 times post pregnancy, she has helped me do it with a mixture of pilates, cardio exercise and advice on my diet.  An hour with Petra gives you motivation to face the day ahead.  She is professional in her approach, an expert in her field with a sense of humor to die for!  Additionally Petra has helped advise on my children’s health and fitness issues, dealing with a rare condition which my son has and helped me get him on the road to recovery. Petra has given me the confidence to feel good about myself and deal with my busy life and keep a smile on my face.  Thanks Petra!”

Lady Melissa Playdell-Bouverie,  Mum of 6


“Even Personal Trainers need Personal Trainers, would you believe. As one myself, I can attest to spending so much time on client program design that I often neglect the same level of attention to myself. With this dilemma in mind I approached Petra Thornton who created a versatile, challenging and most importantly, fun, program for me.

It saw me achieve my personal fitness goals utilizing a broad range of disciplines in record time and as a trainer also broadened my own training horizons. We bounced ideas off one another, created exercises, but most of all kept things fresh.

Petra’s success is that she LISTENS, she absorbs what you want and then places it in her own brain blender, Petra-fies it and produces something unique, bespoke and exciting. She is the quintessential trainer because she believes fervently in the PERSONAL aspect of it. She is also hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously, but by the same token has the sharpest and most intuitive training mind.

Delighted with the results, and lots of fun along the way – what more can you ask?”

Alan Levi , Exercise Coach 


“I have been attending Petra’s pilates classes for the past three years, prior too and following knee surgery, and her attention to the specific needs of all attendees in a class is just amazing.  Her classes are always fun, as she has a wicked sense of humour, but she is also very professional and focused which helps us all get the best possible results.  I am looking forward to starting spinning classes with her too as I know they will be fantastic”.

Alison Snook,  Farm Secretary